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Today, a website is as vital to your business as your sales force.

Today, a website is as vital to your business as is your sales force. A sales person is hired based on experience and so should your Website Developer. Unlike your employee, your website never stops working and must be at peak performance at all times. So a good website must have proper design, content (text, pictures and colour), functionality and the ability to effectively grow with your business.

A properly developed website should lead your viewers strategically throughout your website being able to deliver a message or effectively sell your product or service.

Let the vision of Franton Media Inc. exceed your expectations by designing and developing a custom website which viewers and potential customers will find fresh, attractive, professional and easy to navigate.



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After consultation, our team will design a custom website that best reflects your needs. This will be based on logo, images, web content and colours. Your website design will then be uploaded to a private server for your viewing and the ongoing design process...



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Websites can be more than a digital brochure, and there are many ways to offer more so customers return and suggest your website to others.Every website is as different and its business. Your custom design website may serve as an information tool...


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You may have the magic pill that will cure every disease known to man, but if no one knows about it will never help anyone. The same thing applies to your website. You have a great website design, that's user friendly and offers great functionality and...

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Our recent works consist of different types of projects including web design & development, custom programming & eCommerce solutions.

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